Visa application for France - Latest news

Notice to all travelers after Paris Attacks

18 November 2015

The Embassy of France to the Republic of South Africa and French Consulates in Johannesburg and Cape Town categorically deny the information published on the web according to which France has stopped issuing Schengen visas in order to replace them by national visas. This information is false and totally unfounded. Holders of valid Schengen visas can still enter France.

The French Consulates in South Africa and their external service provider, Capago, still process Schengen visa applications, in particular of South African citizens, within a timeframe of 48 hours as instructed by the French Authorities. The inconveniences which visitors travelling to France may face are the reinforced controls at the borders implemented for security reasons.

Notice to all travelers for COP 21

05 November 2015


Application for visas for the COP21, that is soon to take place in Paris, from the 30th of November to 14th of December 2015, can now be submitted at any of Capago’s premises (Johannesburg, Durban or Cape Town). All the participants who need to apply for a Schengen visa for COP21 are invited to contact Capago in order to book an appointment.

The list of required documents is available below: 

  • For the accredited participants : click here
  • For the non-accredited participants or family members of accredited participants : click here

Any specific or urgent query may be sent to:

  • French Consulate in Johannesburg, +27 (0)11 778 5600,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • French Consulate in Cape Town, +27 (0)21 423 1575,  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further information on the visa process: click here.

Did you already obtained a Schengen visa ?

10 January 2015


If you have already obtained a previous Schengen visa and your biometric data (i.e. digital photograph and fingerprints) was previously collected, you can be exempted from giving your biometric data again on condition that:

  • You have a copy of your previous Schengen visa, on which the remark VIS appears on it.
  • Your biometric data was collected within the last 5 years (to be more precise within the past 59 months).
  • If your Schengen Visa was issue by France after the 6th of June 2013 and contains the letter VIS.

If the above conditions apply to you, then you do not need to appear in person in order to submit your application for a new visa. A third party may submit your application on your behalf, which must obligatorily be accompanied by the letter of proxy carefully completed and signed by yourself. Your attention is especially drawn to the fact that your application will be refused if the conditions detailed above are not met. The French Consulate reserves the right to request a new biometric data collection if the biometric data collected in the previous application is not re-usable.

Issuance of short-stay visas within 48 hours

1st January 2015


Visa applicants holding a South African passport and born in South Africa who apply with all required documents will now see their short-stay Schengen visa delivered in 48 hours: 2 business days from the time the application is lodged at Capago in Cape Town and Johannesburg until the passport is made available for collection.

For the Durban branch, the 48 hours delay does not include the transfer from Durban/Johannesburg/Durban.

This measure is a result of France’s will to simplify the visa application procedures for South African nationals and follows the recent introduction of a service whereby any applicant can submit his/her application at any of the 3 Capago offices, no matter where in South Africa he/she resides.

Travel Insurance

1st January 2015


We remind you that it is mandatory to have an insurance to apply for Schengen visa (except for Diplomatic or Special passport holders).

Insurté © has selected two international leaders in the insurance market which allows you to get your insurance certificate online through the links below:

We remind you that you are free to subscribe any insurance you want. The list of insurers and intermediaries in your country is available here: