Important to read before applying


If you have already obtained a previous Schengen visa and your biometric data (i.e. digital photograph and fingerprints) was previously collected, you can be exempted from giving your biometric data again on condition that:

  • You have a copy of your previous Schengen visa, on which the remark VIS appears on it.
  • Your biometric data was collected within the last 5 years (to be more precise within the past 59 months).

If the above conditions apply to you, then you do not need to appear in person in order to submit your application for a new visa. A third party may submit your application on your behalf, which must obligatorily be accompanied by the letter of proxy carefully completed and signed by yourself. Your attention is especially drawn to the fact that your application will be refused if the conditions detailed above are not met. The French Consulate reserves the right to request a new biometric data collection if the biometric data collected in the previous application is not re-usable.

 Consulates and Capago's representation

Capago South Africa has been accorded the status of approved intermediary and given the mandate by the French Consulates in South Africa (i.e. the French Consulate of Johannesburg and the French Consulate of Cape Town), to handle and process all documentation pertaining to Schengen visa applications, for persons of South African nationality and legal residents of South Africa, wishing to visit or enter French territory.

 Capago has three branches in South Africa which cater for France visa applications i.e. the Johannesburg headquarters branch, the Cape Town branch and the Durban branch.

Applicants for a short or long stay visa for France, regardless of their place of residence in South Africa, may now apply at any of the three CAPAGO centres in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.

Visas will then be processed and issued by one of the two French Consulates (Cape Town or Johannesburg).

By giving applicants a choice regarding the location of their visa application, the French authorities want to better facilitate the visa process, to ensure the best possible service is provided to visa applicants in South Africa.

French Consulates’ 3rd party State representation in South Africa

 In South Africa, the French Consulates of Johannesburg and Cape Town represent other 3rd party states, namely Monaco, Djibouti and Togo.

Any person(s) of South African nationality and those legally resident in South Africa who intend to visit Monaco, Djibouti or Togo for any purpose and require a visa to enter these countries will need to submit their visa applications with the appropriate Capago Visa Centre according to their area of residence.